Brief History About Me

My name is Donald and I’d like to welcome you guys (and girls) to my climbing blog. I will be documenting my progress on here to share it with you all. As well as tips on what works and what doesn’t. Well at least for me; I understand that everyone is different but I’m sure there will be things that can be used to help some of you. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Here’s a brief little bit of history about me.

When I was around 8 years old, I started climbing in a local area in Slovakia called “Sibos”. I’m assuming most people haven’t heard of it, it is fairly isolated. I climbed with my friends there for about a year, mostly bouldering as I didn’t have proper equipment to sport or trad climb (kinda hard to acquire equipment when you’re only 8 years old). When I was 9 years old, my family decided to move to Canada. After that, I didn’t get to climb much as I was trying to learn a new language and figure out the way of life in a new country. It wasn’t easy but I got that part figured out now! Over the last year or so I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love with climbing again. I once again find myself bouldering most of the time. This is because I tend to climb alone, for the most part, and seeing as I’m not as crazy as Alex Honnold free-soloing is not really an option. When I started up climbing again a year ago, I wasn’t even able to climb the most basic routes. Now I can climb all the way up to V5’s (for the non-climbers; V5 basically means level 5 and the maximum level currently is 16, so you could say I have a long way to go). It’s nothing crazy but hey, I’m making progress! And progress is what I’m after.

I decided to make a blog to document my experiences as a recreational climber. I live in Canada and because of this most of my climbing is done indoors. It’s a little too cold most of the year to be climbing outdoors (little is an understatement). I am not planning to climb at a professional level but I like to think of myself as pretty competitive and I do take my progress pretty seriously. There’s nothing less fun than plateauing; well except for maybe not climbing at all! For those confused by my choice of blog name, the decision was quite simple; I started climbing in Sibos and have now decided to document my experiences online, thus the name SibosOnline.

My blog is here to serve a few purposes:

  • Track my progress; see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Inspire people to try out climbing.
  • Help people if they are stuck in a plateau.
  • Give people that love climbing something to read in hopes of them sharing their experiences as well.
  • Provide some useful tips.

Anyways.. I hope you enjoy my blog! Be sure to check in from time to time for updates. If you’d like to be redirected to my home page, click here!